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If you're inspired, with dreams of something better and beautiful... you're in the right place.

Graphic design is more than just aesthetics; it’s a form of communication between you and your audience. You will use graphic design every single day to explain, entertain, and engage with your audience. Hello Lovely, run by me, Berenice Smith, demystifies design and turns your dreams into a logo, brand, print or digital design.

With twenty years of working a designer and commissioning creatives, I know how hard it is to find a designer who is reliable, who listens and cares about your work as much as you do. I’ve learned from that and I aim to make working with Hello Lovely an enjoyable and collaborative experience.


Print and communication design

Branding and logo design

Editorial and book design

Website and digital design

Happy clients in their own words

10 reasons to work with Hello Lovely

  1. You’d like your time back. Having a library of professionally designed material or a reliable designer here for support can save endless hours of searching or faffing with apps.

  2. You want to learn about design so you can use it well.

  3. You care about your audience and your clients. Design can help to support people by presenting complex material in a clear, accessible and appealing way.

  4. You want to look better than your competition and show that you’ve invested in all areas of your business from the accounts to design.

  5. You appreciate that graphic design communicates more than just words. Font choices and colour schemes portray an emotion or feeling that supports a message.

  6. You understand that graphic design is important for any business or author wanting to make a positive, lasting impression. The first time a potential customer interacts with any brand in any capacity will set the tone for the rest of their relationship.

  7. You want to work with a sensible designer, who loves collaborating and listens. A designer who uses systems and project management and goes the extra mile. That’s me, by the way.

  8. You would like a one-stop-shop, all around service that goes beyond design. Hello Lovely can manage more than the creative, and commission the best proofreaders, editors and copywriters too.

  9. You have an idea in there for something but you’ve been on Pinterest for hours and need someone to get the idea out and into a visual form.

  10. You’ve been let down. Badly. The last designer you worked with wanted to use red. They didn’t listen. What they delivered wasn’t what you wanted and it was late. And you couldn’t use the files when you finally got them and it cost thousands. You hate the results because it reminds you of them. Oh yes, I know that designer too! Rubbish isn’t it? Design is collaborative and as much about communication as it is colours and fonts. I can’t promise that it’s always plain sailing but it’s my mission to be clear and realistic. All projects start with a brief, contract and schedule. I encourage face to face meetings and Zoom chats if you’re not local to me (I work globally). If, in the rare event, that my services aren’t right for you, I have a fab network and will do my best to give you options.


Hello Lovely works with you


Bespoke branding development, brand guidelines, logo design and stationery. Logo design starts from £250 and a full branding package is £1300. View my range of branding packages. Bespoke prices and packages are available, please ask.

brochures and print design

Annual reports, brochures, catalogues, leaflets, flyers, postcards and marketing material. Print, web and interactive publications online. Brochures and books prices start from £500. As there is so much variation and creativity to be found in print design, this is quoted bespoke so you get the best price.

Editorial design

Book cover designs and typesetting for print and ePub, book page design, guidebooks, newsletters, magazines and programmes. Experienced in XML typesetting including Typefi. View my range of book packages. Bespoke prices and packages are available too please ask.

Websites and digital

Banner adverts, Keynote, interactive PDFs, Powerpoint, Squarespace, Wix and WordPress. You can view my website design process and prices here. UX Design and website review to check your site is looking sharp and user friendly (trained by General Assembly and Interaction Design Foundation)


Image research, copyediting and illustration commissioning and briefing (trained by The Publishing Training Centre).

All Hello Lovely projects include the following

  1. The brief and a discovery chat so we know the project goals, audience and use of the end piece. I’ll also scope out a schedule and get quotes at this stage.

  2. Research so that market trends and competitors work is reviewed alongside your project.

  3. Content creation which is usually your role but I work with lots of wonderful copywriters and photographers, just ask.

  4. Concepts which include a selection of designs for you to chose from.

  5. Production is when content means concept and your words and images are set up in print or online.

  6. Delivery is when the files are sent to press or the website is made live.

You can also find the Hello Lovely great tips and tricks blog for help and advice on design, website and publishing issues.

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Work with me, Berenice Smith

Who is Hello Lovely?

Hello Lovely is run by me, Berenice Smith, MA in central Cambridge. I am an award-winning creative and designer with more than 20 years’ of creativity. My Masters degree is in graphic design and typography.

I have managed freelance designers and publishing teams in the fast-paced world of weekly magazines and books (digital and print) and corporate communications. My background offers clients the skills and disciplines found at larger, full-service agencies with the intimate service and attention not often found at the big businesses.

This year I was nominated for the Cofinitive ‘The People, One To Watch’ awards. I am the winner of the Unsung Hero of Publishing 2018, a finalist in the Cambridgeshire Digital Awards for web and culture in 2017.

I have completed training with Transmedia (UX), the Society of Freelance Editors and Proofreaders, The Publishing Training Centre (project management, proofreading and picture research), UX Academy (social media) and Interaction (UX design).

Hello Lovely’s clients come from a wealth of industries ranging from publishing to supply chain management, event organisers, education providers, charities, universities and counselling services.