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Hello Lovely aims to offer user friendly design and support for Squarespace and WordPress websites. I pride myself on clarity of services, costs and training so you know what’s required from you and what I can do to get your business online. It’s also important that you don’t feel overwhelmed by your site which is why all websites come with 6 months free support and 2 hours of free training at handover. 

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Squarespace Circle is open to designers who have built or are contributors to at least three active Squarespace sites.

Squarespace Circle is open to designers who have built or are contributors to at least three active Squarespace sites.

Working with Hello Lovely on your website

Hello Lovely is run by me, Berenice Smith. I have twenty years of senior design and production management in publishing, websites, digital and print.

I have trained in UX design with General Academy and Transmedia. I’m also a member of UX Cambridge and xDA: Interaction Design Association.

I’ve created sites in Squarespace and WordPress for 4 years, working directly with clients or collaborating with other designers and developers. Squarespace provides in-app hosting and I use only trusted suppliers for hosting and advising on SEO issues.

I love to solve problems with existing sites and provide extra training. If your site isn’t working for you as it sheould be or you’re not sure about the design, then I can offer a range of services from a consultation with a report so you can adjust yourself or with a developer to a complete overhaul or new build.

Hello Lovely aims to offer the best advice on aspects of websites. I’ve published lots of tips on the blog on Squarespace, WordPress and comparisons to Wix and Weebly so you may find the answers you need there too.

Areas that I handle directly include:

  • Set-up hosting and SSL security

  • Connecting social media and email marketing to your website

  • Stock photos research and graphics created as needed

  • Setting up your email address

  • Third party recommended apps

  • ECommerce Setup

  • Image optimisation

  • Basic SEO

  • Squarespace site updates include ongoing content if required

Services subcontracted include:

  • WordPress hosting and site/security maintenance

Sample workflow

  1. We’ll chat either by email, Zoom, phone or in person about what sort of site you require, how many pages and what it needs to do. Does it include your branding. Don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers, the great thing about a website is that it can grow with you. I’ll learn about your story, where you’re heading and how I help you. We will also find out if we’re a good fit.

  2. I’ll provide a cost with options so you can see what fits with your budget. You will receive a clear itemised brief to check I’ve understood your needs. Your input and revisions are welcome!

  3. Get inspired. You can look at sites I’ve created and I’ll send over my ideas.

  4. I’ll create a schedule, let you know what I need from you and ask for a deposit to secure my services.

  5. I’ll start to build. A site can take from two days to 6 months. The great thing about being a Squarespace circle member is that we have 6 months before the site goes live. At each stage, the site will be tested as it’s easier to check links in small steps.

  6. At the end of the build, we’ll schedule in time for training if you’d like to manage your site yourself. You can do as much or as little as you’d like. If you’d like me to manage the site health then Hello Lovely can do that.

  7. Go Live! When you’re happy, the site is live and you can get sharing.

If you’ d like to know more or view more work then please get in touch clicking the button below.

Website in a day

If you need a site in a hurry, I can also offer the build of a Squarespace site in a day. I’ll come to your office or you can come to mine, and we’ll sit side-by-side to get your site built. You’ll need to bring all your passwords for social media and email accounts.