Print suppliers I have used

Langham Press
Based in Foxton, near Cambridge and great for digital and litho printing and super friendly.

Solo Press
A really good value online print supplier. They also have a hand sample pack of paper.

Cambridge Print Solutions
Speedy and reliable service and cover all manner of print material.

The print-finity is great for multiple images and the paper stock always good.

I have often used the Albion and etching presses here to work on my own printing. An inspiring range of courses too.


Creative resources

St Brides Print Museum
This beautiful building stores an unparalleled collection of print and type.  

It's Nice That Is
Founded in 2007, this website has become a valuable champion for good design.

Print Isn't Dead 
A magazine that celebrates all things print in our digital age. 

The David Parr House
One of secret gems of Cambridge, this house is the former home of an artist-painter who used his home as an canvas for his skills.

Cambridge Open Studios
This event held every year in Cambridge in July, allows people to look behind the scenes.


Groups I belong to

Drive the Network
An online and face-to-face groups with heaps of support for all, run by Ann Hawkins. 

Freelance Heroes
Full of advice, and holder of a list of all the networking events in Cambridge (too many to mention here!). Run by Ed Goodman. 

Source of reliable SEO knowledge

Walking Forward Inspirational Network
A Facebook group for those seeing a plan B and are cnbc. 

Cambridge Business Women
This groups holds regular monthly meetings, run by Jemima Willcox.

Suppliers I have worked with

Onur Pinar
Often asked who took my profile photo, so meet Onur. He's great!

Debbie Stokoe
A great copywriter and coach too, Debbie helped me with the copy for this website. 

Michelle Dunbar
Fantastic editor with lots of experience based on her growth as an author. 

Web Lad
David Orchard is a great WordPress developer who can fix, manage and build sites. 

Clare isn't just a client but generous with her knowledge and advice.