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Hello Lovely aims to offer the best advice on aspects of fiction and reference book publishing. I pride myself on clarity of services, clear costs, communication so you know who is doing what and by when, and being accountable for my work and that of any subcontractors. I’m also a published author, so I know what it’s like to hand over your words to a supplier. 

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Working with Hello Lovely on your book

Hello Lovely is run by me, Berenice Smith. I have twenty years of senior design and production management in publishing, digital and print. I’ve worked for Pearson creating books and digital resources for their educational division, Penguin’s Writers Series, John Wiley, Cambridge University Press and with Gecko, a book packaging service. Gecko trained me in all the stages of project management from manuscript to print. I was responsible for the design of all material in the Cambridge office and establishing an illustration and photo commissioning team.

I also coach MA in Publishing students and speak about book design and good practice.

My many contacts include SFeP trained proofreaders and editors. I use experienced book illustrators and printers. I’ve trained with The Publishing Training Centre and teach Indesign. All books are set using Adobe Creative Cloud software and Typekit or Google fonts. 

I am a winner of the Unsung Hero of Publishing Award, 2018 awarded by White Fox and a partner member of The Alliance of Independent Authors which involved a week long vetting process to ensure I met their admission criteria.

Hello Lovely aims to offer the best advice on aspects of fiction and reference book publishing. I’ve published lots of tips on the blog on publishing so you may find the answers you need there too.

Areas that I handle directly include:

  • Book cover design (front, back and spine)

  • Text page design for print and ebook (reflowable and fixed layout)

  • ISBN purchase

  • Photo research

  • Schedules

  • Artwork buying

  • Supply and format of files for print and ebook publishing

  • Coaching on the stages of book publishing to support authors on the best practice

  • Marketing material including leaflets, sample pages and websites in WordPress or Squarespace

  • Helping authors with published material such as new editions

  • Design and setting for fiction and reference authors and publishers 

 Services subcontracted include:

  • Proofreading

  • Editorial development

  • Printing

Services not covered: 

  • Sales

  • Marketing 

  • Ebook sales platforms

Please note that I do not provide free pitch work. This is because of copyright issues and ethics. 

Sample workflow (based on a print book and ebook)

  1. The first stage is a meeting to talk about your book. This usually takes place on Zoom or, if you’re in Cambridgeshire area, we can do this in person. This gives us both the opportunity to check each other out so you can see if Hello Lovely is a good fit. I can also find out what areas you need help with too and what stage you’re at. If you have a budget in mind, we can talk about that too. At this stage I’ll need to know your word count and idea publication date. I’ll show you a portfolio of work that’s relevant to your book and you’re welcome to share designs that inspire you with me.

  2. The next step is a bespoke quote. To give you an idea of pricing, a Royal book (234 x 156mm) print book with up to 80,000 words and 10 images will cost £870. With 100 images £1,170. I’ll detail the stages and provide options on image sourcing so you can make choices. If it’s not what you were looking for, then I can talk about other options to help you.

  3. If you’re happy with the quote then I’ll send over briefing forms which we can complete together. These will cover a range of questions from the type of design you’d like and list any features the book requires (reference books only) and key dates so I can prepare your schedule.

  4.  The next stage is to prepare the sample chapter using your words and get started on the cover. Whilst you’re reviewing your bespoke sample design, I’ll get the cover underway so that you have this early on and it’s ready for any pre-launch publicity.

  5. Once we’re both happy with the design of the inside pages, it’s time to get your manuscript edited if you haven’t done so already and images sourced or artwork commissioned. 

  6. When the images are in and the manuscript is returned, I’ll get started on setting the book ready for you to proof as an online PDF file. You can print your PDF but we do not provide printed proofs ourselves for environmental reasons. 

  7. The book will then go through the proof stages quoted until the book is ready for publishing. If the book is an ebook and print, the ebook file will be prepared from the print book. During this process, artwork will be drawn as roughs for approval, and taken to final illustration and I’ll guide you on this at every stage. Images will be placed as low resolution, watermarked files until approval when they will be purchased from the appropriate image library. If you’re in need of an ebook then ISBNs will be bought and accounts created. 

  8. At the last stage, I’ll ask you to formally sign off your book.

  9. I will supply the PDF files to the printer and ask them to prepare your invoice after proof approval.  Once the proofs are approved, I’ll then get started on your ebook so this is available to buy online by the publication date.

If you’d like to know more or view more work then please get in touch clicking the button below. You can also download a free guide here

Bronze £600

Book content no cover. This includes the prelims, all inside pages and the end matter from your supplied text. Up to 25 images.

Silver £980

Book content plus cover.  This includes the cover, back cover and spine plus prelims, all inside pages and the end matter from your supplied text. Up to 25 images.

Gold £1140

Book content design plus cover and ebook conversion.  This includes the cover, back cover and spine plus prelims, all inside pages and the end matter from your supplied text. Up to 25 images.