WordPress design: Third Space

Hello Lovely services:

  • UX and WordPress design

  • Typography advice

  • Templates for online and printed learning material

Third Space make maths fun! In order to do that they need powerful visuals to compete with other suppliers and educators in this competitive market. 

Anyone who has worked with mathematical glyphs will know that they can be tricky to set and not all fonts contain every character required which was the problem facing this client. 

Hello Lovely worked with the client branding to mock up a website visual for the Third Space developers to apply to their website. Berenice also provided a template for their online and print material so that they could ensure the application of mathematical glyphs was correct. 

The project grew from the UX design to creating print pages for their workbooks drawing on Berenice's expertise and experience across multiple platforms. 

Hello Lovely Third Space UX design.png
third space Hello Lovely UX Design .png