Marketing design: Top Trumps

Hello Lovely loves books so it's always very exciting working on new ideas for classic authors. It's important to research the reader and think about innovative ways to attract readers. Shakespeare has to be one of, if not the most well-known, playwriter of our time but even his work needs new approaches as this selection of work shows. 

Top Trumps

These retro cards are back in fashion as demonstrated by the excitement of GCSE English students on World Book Day. The design was carefully managed to make best use of the space (85 x 55mm) ensuring that the printer would be able to trim the cards and the text was legible. 

Teaching Shakespeare

This very popular study book by the late Rex Gibson is essential to Shakespeare scholars but it needed a cover refresh to reflect new branding and diversity.

Teaching Shakespeare_SB.png

Website design

All authors need a website and that includes Shakespeare. Here's a selection of designs for the Cambridge Schools Shakespeare website.