UX design: Geoff Marlow

Hello Lovely services:

  • UX design

  • Typography advice

  • Branding

Geoff Marlow is a consultant based in Cambridge and met me via Onur Pinar who is the photographer who took my headshot! 

He approached Hello Lovely after being let down by a designer who designed a website the way she wanted it to look and not as her client wanted it. It's one of my pet hates too, designers need to listen to the problems and offer solutions that work to meet their client's needs. I was happy to meet with Geoff and talk about the design he'd been presented.

Whilst Hello Lovely can offer development, some clients have developers of their own or already build websites and need a steer on how it should look and function for best results. I looked at the suggested design, the previous website and put together a UX guide and branding snapshot guide so that Geoff knew what colours to use and how to grow the content. This will also help with other collateral such as business cards and online training and development for this successful consultancy business. 

Like all Hello Lovely clients who start with a basics package, Geoff can come back to us for more work and exclusive loyalty discounts.


Hello Lovely UX design.png