Book design and illustration commissioning: Jamie Moves House

Hello Lovely services:

  • Epub design

  • Book cover design

  • Artwork/illustration commissioning and management

  • Self publishing consultation

Open University Alumni and writer Nadia Willis wanted to have her children's book Jamie Moves House designed and printed. She also required an illustrator but wasn't sure how to proceed. 

Luckily Berenice has over ten years of experience in illustrating and commissioning artwork and project managed the title from cover to cover, making the process quick and easy for the author who was thrilled with her book. The illustrator is Danielle Geremia. 

Hello Lovely loves book design and working on the design of books and multipage documents is one of the key areas of Berenice's experience. We're always thrilled to support authors on reference, fiction and educational books both in print and as an eBook. 

Jamies Moves House Hello Lovely book design.png
Jamies Moves House Hello Lovely book design