Editorial design: ABC to read

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I tried the annual report today at our AGM and the feedback was very good. Everyone thought it was a brilliant document.
— Marcia, ABC to read
ABC to read Hello Lovely report cover.png

ABC to read are a charity based in Berkshire and they support children who struggle to read by providing support through a team of volunteers. Their work is invaluable to helping children feel more confident in life and set them up for success by improving their reading skills in a fun way. 

They contacted Hello Lovely for their annual report which they wanted to design around their existing logo. They asked if it could be used as a brochure too, so they could save costs by having a more efficient product. The result is a report that is a great example of how design, by using colour, fonts and images, can break up dense material into easy to read sections that are vibrant and fun. 

Hello Lovely ABC to read report.png

The report has two versions, an online PDF with the annual accounts that are provided for the AGM and a separate print-ready PDF that's printed in bulk to use all year round to attract investors and volunteers. Even better, ABC to read wanted Hello Lovely to work on the 2018 accounts so the design was strengthened and is bolder than 2017.