Book design: The Association of Jewish Refugees


  • Book design

  • Typography advice

  • Print and book production advice 

The Association of Jewish Refugees required help to produce a series of books under the title ‘My Story’. Each subject recorded their story as part of an oral history project, the aim was to keep alive memories of the impact of the Kindertransport and life for Jewish children in England before, during and after the second World War. These deeply moving books are designed in a 210 x 210mm format with a hardback cover so the design has to accommodate issue such as damaged or limited photographic records and length of manuscript.

Because of the sensitive and personal nature of this project, there isn’t a portfolio as such but we wanted to tell you about it because it’s so special. Working on this during 2018 has been an honour. You can find out more about the Kindertransport on this link here.

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