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I believe that every product, book or service deserves great graphic design. Good quality, innovative design inspires trust and grabs your potential customers’ attention. Working with a designer doesn't have to cost the earth, I promise. I provide affordable yet high quality design no matter the size of your business.

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Book Design and Production

Your book publishing journey begins with questions, reading your manuscript and researching your audience and the competition. Select from custom cover designs and let’s work on a look that is right for your audience. Fiction or reference, images, charts, graphs, pull quotes and sidebars are all possible inside the pages. I ensure that your book layout is consistent with the cover design, typographically spot-on, readable and engaging. If you're unsure about how to manage the process then I can drawn on my 20 years of publishing experience and contacts to ensure a smooth journey from manuscript to delivery.

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Website Design

I design engaging websites for startup and small businesses that meet your specifications however simple or complex. Create a thoughtful and user-friendly experience for your clients using WordPress or Squarespace. From the creation of a site that can grow as your business expands, or a simple and impactful site that explains what you do, it's all possible. Drawing on my UX talent and developer knowledge, let’s start the online journey together and at the point when you're ready to 'go live', I can offer you training on loading content and be there to help you in the weeks that follow. 

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Branding and promotional design

From logo to full branding package, each project is unique. I spend time with you to understand your business and your customers so you get results. I also design online and print marketing material from single pages to multi page cleverly balanced reports that break down content into easily digestible sections, attractive company brochures and aspirational advertising that creates demand. 

I have a range of branding packages suitable for every business and you can view them over here.


Here's how it works...

Strategy – Before I put pen to paper I spend time simply listening to what your goals, objectives and dreams may be. The collective intelligence that we share during this learning process becomes the blueprint for moving forward. From here, you and I will work collaboratively in shaping up the New Idea into an outcome that serves your plans for success.

Design – The passion I feel for design is best demonstrated through a wide range of media, including visual identities, web design, print collateral, and everything in between. Beautiful and thoughtful design can bring any idea to life and summon a reaction; it can inspire you, it can motivate you, it can stop you in your tracks. I am constantly scribbling ideas in notebooks, capturing thoughts, but most of the time you can find me at my Mac using Adobe Creative Suite and a Wacom tablet.

Social Media – Getting social about your New Idea is about getting noticed. Today, marketing communications need to differentiate your company more than ever through honest, artful storytelling across many media channels. I believe that bold, compelling, persuasive messaging executed properly can affect real change and differentiate your company from the competition.

Interactive – Technology has changed how consumers interact with companies and their brands. It is now a two way dialogue where consumers have a real voice over multiple platforms, including web, mobile devices and social spaces. You want to engage your audience in the space that they live in, be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or through a well crafted and well designed website or application. WordPress and Squarespace are two website building tools that I am well-versed in. 

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