Basics are beautiful

this package is perfect for you if you are...

  • struggling with the logo you have already and don't know what to do with it or what font it was created in

  • unhappy with the current look of your business, it's almost there but there's something bugging you 

  • guessing the colours of your logo because nobody told you what they are and it's all a bit hit and miss

  • want to get it sorted out quickly and for a good value price

Branding and logo basics Hello Lovely.png

What does it include?

  1. Free initial consultation (Skype, Zoom) to find out if Hello Lovely is the right expert to work with you. 

  2. Comprehensive questionnaire to kick start your thoughts and get your creative juices flowing. 

  3. 30 minute One-to-One (Skype, Zoom or in person if you're in Cambridge) with Hello Lovely to talk over what aims, how you want your brand to look and feel.   

  4. Mood Board Design x 3 – choose one that reflects your look and feel and the vision for your brand. 

  5. Logo Design Creation – 4 concepts, 4 revisions. Each concept will be designed differently and with it’s own unique intention so that what you get is choice and variety.  

  6. Hello Lovely fine-tunes your logo of choice. You may want to change the colour for example.  Once you've signed it off, then we get social.

  7. Hello Lovely creates Social Media Headers (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Mailchimp, Twitter). 

  8. Logos will be supplied in all formats and colourways, to use on and offline: EPS, PNG, JPG & PDF.

  9. Brand Identity Snapshot is an 8 page PDF outlining your fonts used within your logo, and additional marketing inspiration.

  10. Colours to open up your palette of possibility for imagery and pulling together your imagery. 

  11. Lifetime support and logo guidance for free which doesn't include design work but we're here to help if you're stuck with how to use the logos, finding an image that works or simply what a sense check on something you may have created in Canva for example.

  12. This plan has 3 payment installments that run from step 2 to branding handover (step 9) making it easy to plan your finances. 

How does it work?

  1. Initial consultation to find out if Hello Lovely is the right expert to work with you.  

  2. When you sign up, Hello Lovely sends you a questionnaire to really kick-start your thoughts, you then send this back for us to review and research before your one-to-one. 

  3. Your one-to-one allows us to get clear about who you are, your gifts, your visual style, how you want your brand to feel and we learn about you and your personality.  

  4. Hello Lovely then undertakes research and design mood board concepts to capture the creative direction and feeling of your brand. 

  5. Once a mood board is agreed, a unique logo and brand is created by us to target your customer and convert your business.  

  6. Once your logo is finalised, the next stage is to design all your other elements to pull your whole brand together and to make your business even better. 

This package costs £550. If you know someone who'd be interested then please do share this page with them. To book this amazing package that will set your business up quick smart, then contact Hello Lovely here. It’s our most popular branding bundle!