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Balsham, a village story, 1617-2017

I am thrilled to report the publication of a book that I've been designing and coaching (more on that later) on for the past year. It's called Balsham, a village story, 1617-2017 and it celebrates the wonderful world of mapping from the work of Elizabethan surveyor Thomas Langdon to the latest GIS technology and 400 years of history.  I'd love to tell you the story of the book, so if you are ready let's begin...

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How I work with clients and Squarespace

I work in both WordPress and Squarespace. But because it's relatively new, Squarespace isn't used as much by designers as WP. I have had several enquiries lately about how it works so I thought that I'd explain a little more here. 

If you get your skates on you can also apply for a 20% discount. The cost is usually £950 for a website alone or £1,500 with branding so get yourself a deal today. 

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