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Twelve top design skills which aren't creative!

I’ve managed designers, commissioned them and I work as one too. When I set up Hello Lovely, I drew on all those experiences. I thought about the systems I have used, the people I’ve worked with and my client experiences. What worked, what didn’t and can I do better?

Many Hello Lovely clients arrive with me through recommendation which is wonderful. Others because a designer has disappeared mid-job. I’m proud of my profession so it’s horrible to hear this and it clearly dents client confidence. I hope this post will help you to understand more about how I work and tools that can help to get organised.

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A-Z of book publishing: designing a cover

I have had some great responses to this A-Z series, especially about book covers and I thought I'd share this post from September when I talked about the anatomy of a book cover. The image in this post is a really useful explanation of each part of a book. This title has now gone to press and has generated £4,000 of sales for this fledgeling publishing cooperative…

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Why Design Thinking affects every product or service.

Design thinking puts the customer at the heart of a process. It can be applied to the design of a book cover, navigating the inside text pages, or branding, websites and the development of a new project or service. The term was developed in start-ups and companies looking at lean developments but it can be used in any size of business. What does it mean in real life?

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