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The planet friendly creative. 

I fess up, I struggled with a G because I thought of galley proofs but these environmentally unfriendly, tree eating ways of proofing are mostly confined to the past as designers and printers look at online proofing for speed and to be green. And that thought made me think of going green! Not like Kermit or changing your book cover to Pantone 381 (a personal favourite) but by adopting planet friendly publishing and design. This year I have set myself the challenge of never buying a new book to reduce my carbon footprint and here are my thoughts on being a planet-friendly creative because this applies to everyone.

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Balsham, a village story, 1617-2017

I am thrilled to report the publication of a book that I've been designing and coaching (more on that later) on for the past year. It's called Balsham, a village story, 1617-2017 and it celebrates the wonderful world of mapping from the work of Elizabethan surveyor Thomas Langdon to the latest GIS technology and 400 years of history.  I'd love to tell you the story of the book, so if you are ready let's begin...

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Exhibition preparation: '‘An officer and a gentleman, with dark hair and a beautifully laid out moustache.’

I have two large projects on the go at the moment and both have events attached to them so I'm dealing with 3D material as well as web and print. I'm pleased to be preparing the last stages of an exhibition about John Peters which will be held at the University Printing House Museum, at Cambridge University Press, on Shaftesbury Road from October to December.

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