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Twelve top design skills which aren't creative!

I’ve managed designers, commissioned them and I work as one too. When I set up Hello Lovely, I drew on all those experiences. I thought about the systems I have used, the people I’ve worked with and my client experiences. What worked, what didn’t and can I do better?

Many Hello Lovely clients arrive with me through recommendation which is wonderful. Others because a designer has disappeared mid-job. I’m proud of my profession so it’s horrible to hear this and it clearly dents client confidence. I hope this post will help you to understand more about how I work and tools that can help to get organised.

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How I work with clients and Squarespace

I work in both WordPress and Squarespace. But because it's relatively new, Squarespace isn't used as much by designers as WP. I have had several enquiries lately about how it works so I thought that I'd explain a little more here. 

If you get your skates on you can also apply for a 20% discount. The cost is usually £950 for a website alone or £1,500 with branding so get yourself a deal today. 

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