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Squarespace or WordPress?

This debate reminds me of the Mac versus Windows arguments that still rage on the internet and in offices all over the world.  The short answer is that there isn't a right or wrong choice, in my opinion. Both have options that work better for some businesses and services and are excellent choices for website building. So here are my comparisons (the longer answer!) so you can decide if WordPress (WP) or Squarespace seems more suitable for you. If you'd like to explore them in more detail then do get in touch, I love to make websites accessible.

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Good design means sales and a better business

In the past, we've been of the mindset that human intervention by a sales person is the conversion tool. A relationship was required to make a person buy that ad space, book the stand at the event or take out a subscription. With the emphasis now online tools to buy and book, design plays a critical part in converting browsers to customers. This week I'm reminded why and I'd like to share my observations with you. I hope it'll help you to apply good design to your website.

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