SEO Tips for Squarespace

SEO can work well on Squarespace if you apply good sense and plan well.

Here are Hello Lovely’s 10 top tips.

  • You can increase your SEO by creating a site description, as well as individual unique page descriptions

  • Include alt text for all of your images

  • Optimize your images for web which helps with site speed

  • Compose a great SEO site description by researching keywords

  • Create an on-page plan utilising headers and add a description in each page’s settings

  • Fill out the SEO tab in each page’s settings

  • Collaborate with others in your industry and create content that links back to your site.

  • Creating regular content that’s interesting and informative and related to your industry is a great SEO tip

  • Verify your site with Google search console and check the analytics

  • And don't forget to keep your website updated in general so that it stays active in Google’s eyes.

Hello Lovely Takeaway

Squarespace has some great documentation for how to increase your SEO, and even provides a checklist of things you can do before and after you launch your site.

Berenice Howard-Smith