How to resist seduction by colour and a free download

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Colour harmony and psychology are one of the most important factors in how a product or service is sold. If you're in the global market then cultural considerations also matter too.

Today I was buying batteries for my iMac mouse. As I stood looking at the display it dawned on me how colourful the packaging is... yes, this is often how I shop! Some are blue, a soothing shade and thus a popular choice. Others are red for power and Energizer, the brand I bought was green and yellow.  Subconsciously perhaps I was seduced by green being more environmentally friendly and it was only when I read the packet at home that Energizer tell me that their batteries are made with 4% recycled batteries. That may be true of the other brands though. The seduction of my environmental credentials by colour reminded me of this quote.

One of the greatest assets and one of the easiest ways to sway decision or attract an emotive response – or alienate a consumer – is through colour,” says June Mcleod, author of Colour Psychology Today. “Purple with Cadbury; Shell with Yellow; National Trust with Green – they all work and work wonderfully well.

Other aspects of design matter too. The best colour choices can fail to make any impact if the font choice is poor or the photography is unprofessional. Nevertheless, its importance should not be dismissed. Laurie Pressman, vice-president of Pantone Color Institute at Pantone, says colour has the ability to broadcast instantly the message and meaning of a brand.

“When I look at colour today it has become symbiotic with design and you have to get every element right,” says Pressman. “And, when it is right it works; it just clicks. And that is the engagement process. When one piece of it is off, you take the chance of people walking right past you.” [Source: Marketing Week, 8 Sept 2017]

Here are a few useful colour tips to download and consider when you are thinking about branding and colours.

A brand may be recognised by name, logo or product type but the first thing to catch a consumer’s eye is often its colour. Stand firm on what you like and dislike and remember your customer.

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