How to use fonts to create the right reaction

A dear friend of mine is an editor and we spent more time checking the grammar and design of a menu than we do the food. Unless it features a Knickerbocker Glory in which case, all bets are off. We don’t get out much as you can imagine.

Fonts and how they are used is so important to setting the scene. This goes for memes, websites, print, branding… anywhere you write words and that’s a lot of places. Typography and the way it’s used is always a key part of the branding process (click here to look at branding by Hello Lovely). I may create the design with Adobe’s wonderfully curated Typekit but will turn to Google fonts for pairings that are Open Source (which means you can download them for free). A new challenge is Canva and it’s fonts - I’m working on lists and templates for branding clients at the moment.

Last month I got my fingers racing on the keyboard as I shared my thoughts on fonts and feelings with the Drive The Network audience on Facebook in another Ask the Expert session (I’ve also ran a Q&A on How to design a book just here)

If you’d like to know the answer to Heather’s question ‘Are there any particular fonts you’d recommend if you wanted to be perceived as knowledgeable but not bossy and also friendly and approachable? I’m thinking mainly in the context of website and social media stuff,’ then head over to the link.

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Do you have a favourite font? Tell me all about it!