Loving Squarespace sites but a bit scared about moving your data? I'm here to make it easier!

Squarespace is a beautiful thing but if you've been used to Wix, Weebly or WordPress, it can feel like a Big Scary Thing to move over to a different platform even if you know it makes sense. There's the time. Crikey - the site mapping. Yikes, - the learning!

Well, just like Miss Marple or better still, Scooby Doo, I'm here to make sense and take away your fears.

How does it work?

series of stages where we work together on the Squarespace platform. The aims are:

  • To create an appealing and easy to navigate website that supports your customers
  • Allows your customers to find what they need
  • Run speedily no matter how many pages
  • Has great SEO
  • Is easy for you to update
  • Works on mobile and tablet

Stage 1 – we chat about what you need. Ideally before this, you’ll have seen a website or made a few notes about the types of pages you may need or what you need the site to do and an idea of your budget. We can chat in person if you’re in Cambridgeshire or via Zoom or Skype. This will be a free chat of about 30 minutes.

Stage 2 – I will prepare a quote based on our conversation which will be a detailed and confidential breakdown of my services.

Stage 3 – If you’d like to go ahead, and I hope that we do, then I’ll ask you for your copy, images and branding guidelines if you have them. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the text, I can use placeholder text and images which can be replaced later. I’m afraid I’ll ask for a deposit too!

Stage 4 – I will contact you to set up a meeting so we can look at the site together. We’ll do this in person or via Skype or Zoom so I can share my screen with you. At this stage we go through each page, identify any design changes, alterations to the type of content (should it be a blog, page, event or gallery) and note down any copy to added. You’ll get the chance to look at the Squarespace platform in action as I’ll invite you as a contributor to the site.

Stage 5 – A repeat of Stage 4 but with less points to cover, this stage is about checking off the list and getting the site ready for handover to you. We won't move from this stage until you're completely happy that the site can go live.

Stage 6 – Handover to you and the site goes live. Never fear, by now you’ll know more about Squarespace and I’ll also provide the necessary links. Even better, I’ll offer up to 4 hours of free help post-handover that you can use for support (this 4 hours doesn’t include any template changes but can include replacing photos, adding new pages or training).

I’ve blogged about Squarespace here too.

I hope that sounds less scary than you thought it would be but if it's not then drop me an email. No meddling kids or janitors dressed in bandages required!


One of many Squarespace sites I have designed.

One of many Squarespace sites I have designed.






Berenice Howard-Smith