22 things a designer can do for your publishing project

  1. Research the market by keep an eye on the competition, knowing who they and their strengths and weaknesses, inspires better design. 
  2. Designs a beautiful spine and back cover for print books because they add to the buyer decision making.
  3. Use a well-designed typeface for the best legibility.
  4. Supplies images and files at the right dpi (dots per inch) so the book isn't poor print quality or slow to load as an ebook.
  5. Can provide illustration work or knows how to commission it and the process involved.
  6. Provide images or works with image libraries to clear the necessary rights as required.
  7. Creates a cover that is eye-catching in print and/or an Amazon thumbnail.
  8. Keeps it legible - the author or publisher wants readers to see the cover at all sizes.
  9. Works with schedules and communicates clearly about the cause and effect of delays or major changes.
  10. Knows future trends and how to use them.
  11. Understand typography and what makes a good font.
  12. Use their software well. They will know when it’s right to use Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.
  13. Supply correctly set-up ISBN barcodes.
  14. Know why interior page design is an invisible support.
  15. Know why interior page design supports the way-finding of a book and helps the reader user experience - especially important with reference and education books .
  16. Consider the marketing use when creating the design.
  17. Make sure that the author or publisher's book is unique and not a design copy or template generated piece and relevant to your text - unique, just like the words.
  18. Communicates with the editor and takes in corrections accurately.
  19. 'Preflight' checks the files. This essential check for errors solves most problems that may stop a book being published on time and cost money if the supplier has to fix them.
  20. Provide the author or publisher with a finished file with all corrections made and maybe help to load to the suppliers site.
  21. Supports the authors on their exciting journey to publication.
  22. Appreciates that litho print is different to print on demand and how this print process will affect colours and paper quality and how best to deal with this.

If you need any help with designing your book or cover, Berenice has over twenty years experience in publishing and supporting self-publishers. She writes our A-Z of book publishing tips too. As a published author, she appreciates book publishing from all sides. Get it touch for more details.