Exhibition preparation: '‘An officer and a gentleman, with dark hair and a beautifully laid out moustache.’

I have two large projects on the go at the moment and both have events attached to them so I'm dealing with 3D material as well as web and print. I'm pleased to be preparing the last stages of an exhibition about John Peters which will be held at the University Printing House Museum, at Cambridge University Press, on Shaftesbury Road from October to December.

Who? Good question! That's the point of the exhibition and the reason that I researched his work in my postgraduate dissertation. The Press archivist, Dr Ros Grooms, suggested he would be an interesting subject in our discussions about the Press archives which are held at the University Library in Cambridge. We knew that he was a designer at the Press and worked with John Dreyfus but did not realise the wealth of material he worked on, including his own private press, the Vine which he ran in partnership with the late Peter Foster, MBE.

John worked at the University Press in Cambridge in the post war years until the 1960s, during a time of great change in print, books and design. From a period of recovery from the Second World War, to the end of metal type. During this time, this fascinating designer and ‘Renaissance Man’ (as described by David Peace, glass engraver and author), turned from architecture and aircraft pilot, to stone carving, calligraphy, typography and book design.

At the moment, I'm preparing books to show of his work and waiting for the delivery of the scans from the archives. As the papers are held in the rare manuscripts department, they are too fragile to load out so I am grateful to the University Library staff for their expertise. I have a booklet at print that explains his work and that of the Vine Press and we've even located the Vine Press Cope and Sherwin press. 

Dates to follow!