Book covers: less is More

Less is more

One of the key purposes of a book cover is to catch a reader’s eye, inspire their interest and give them a reason to buy your book.

When browsing a bookstore, either online or in a shop, readers encounter a large number of books. For yours to stand a chance, it needs something unique and to be as professional as the ones that have been designed by the top publishing houses.

Often, less is more. A simple but striking cover is one of the most eye-catching design choices possible.

Black Flag, a cover I designed is a good example. It consists of little but a commissioned illustration, the book title, author name, and declaration that it’s a series (Coding Club). That’s it. 

This cover shows that you don’t necessarily need to show what your book is about by featuring images on the cover. If the image is visually striking, as is the case here, readers will often decide to find out more about on the basis of the cover alone. 

The illustration was created after read of the manuscript and finding an early scene to illustrate, in collaboration with the author, a very visual person as befits a writer for BBC's Doctor Who. It's a carefully chosen image that gives a hint of the lead character and the setting of the scene in a future world.

A busy cover with too many images is unlikely to make a reader want to spend time finding out what a book is about. They will simply move on to something else.