World Childless Week

Last August, Stephanie Phillips had the idea of setting up week to bring together men and women who are involuntarily childless. Her concept was to share the work of bloggers across the world and raise the profile of support groups. The catch was that she had just 6 weeks from idea to launch!

Thank to Steph's hard work, the campaign was a success, attracting coverage in the Metro newspaper. It became clear that this was only the first year and that there was much to build on.

Branding was an area Steph wanted to explore in order to maintain visual control. It's very easy for campaigns to be misappropriated by others or to be confused in the media. Wrongly attributed photos in the papers meant that enquiries were misdirected in the first campaign which made it hard to collate data on coverage. This is one problem area that branding can solve.

By creating a set of logos that give an consistent identity, it means that Steph can monitor who had downloaded the visuals from her website and track their use. A clear set of branding guidelines enables her to use the logos on her own work and instruct partners in how to use them too. Here's an extract from the logo narrative that Hello Lovely supplied with the branding package.

A simple, stylised forget-me-not picks up on the theme of the event in 2017 and presents a strong visual identity. This allows quick identification and clear use across many platforms. The forget-me-not works well in social media when a circle is the profile image. It can also be applied to futher collatoral such as badges, clothing and stationery. 
There are two logos options. The single flower can be used for instances where space or the background image is busy and the groups of flowers are not easily viewed. It can also be used in one-to-one instances, when referring to one person in a written piece. This logo is best used when space is limited.
The group of flowers is referring to our community - our tribe - and works well in references to group activities, bringing about a sense of togetherness.

If you have a campaign you're planning in 2018 and would like a branding guideline or review then please get in touch. I can provide a range of packs from a logo review, to full branding that covers posters, downloadable logos to conference and exhibition display material and websites. 

Read more about World Childless Week here.


The full set of logos with mono text, developed by Hello Lovely for Stephanie Phillips, World Childless Week, December 2018

The full set of logos with mono text, developed by Hello Lovely for Stephanie Phillips, World Childless Week, December 2018