Finalist, Cambridgeshire Digital Awards 2017

I am delighted to announce that a website I've designed and curated is a finalist in the Cambridgeshire Digital Awards 2017 Lifestyle and Culture category.

Walk In Our Shoes is a collaboration with counsellors, writers, bloggers and inspirational plan B men and women who have skills, services, amazing words and stories to share to help men and women, and their family, friends and colleagues, to come to terms with involuntary childlessness. Walk In Our Shoes connects them through a curated social design site enabling contributors and readers to feel less alone, isolated by society and inspired, comforted and stepping back from a very bleak future into something brighter and managable.

The site uses a very simple gender free design to appeal to a wide demographic with the simple idea that anyone can personalise their story with a photo of their feet that they can take easily themselves, whilst preserving their privacy.The typography is Bree, which was chosen because of the fluidity of the glyphs, cursive nature of the lower case letters and negative spaces - strong enough to hold up against the photography and stories but not such a powerful slab serif that it demands attention.

I am delighted that this site has been recognised for those who have been brave in sharing their words and photos.