Meet Walter

We have been on holiday! I took a much needed break after a busy summer and drove down to the West Country with Molly. I look lots of photos of design finds which you can find on my Instagram feed over here

After a week with friends and attending a wedding, we went to Devon where I spent the day with Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary (temporarily upgrading from Molly dog to a larger animal!) 

I'm a huge believer in supporting charitable work and I do a lot for the infertility field and hidden disabilities. I already donate 10% of my fees to Animal Helpline Rescue who were Molly's rescue shelter. Now I've added a new animal and we've adopted Walter as our animal mascot! You can read more about him here.  

Do you have any charities you support? Do tell me about them on social media and what it means to you. Are you a charity interested in talking to an empathetic designer? Get in touch and let's talk.